How to play?


To start earning dogecoins, each player has to deposit some dogecoins first. After successfully depositing You can convert Your dogecoins to points in the Convert funds to points section in Your profile and then you can convert those points to DPS (Damage Per Second).

1 dogecoin = 1 point = 1 DPS

Each boss has limited HP. If DPS of Your doge is, for example - 20, then Your doge will deal 20 damage each second to the boss. To join a fight just look for available fights after You log in to Your account and click Join button.

Boss fight types

Game offers two different boss fight types: Boss fight without fee and boss fight with fee.

Boss fight without fee (lower rewards)

Each player can join this fight for free. Total prize depends on how much players joins to fight. By default it is 1 dogecoin per player but sometimes it can be more. This type of fight will be available less often than boss fight with fee.

Boss fight with fee (bigger rewards)

In this type of fight each player has to pay entry fee to join. Size of the entry fee will be adjusted by admins

Example: Entry fee has been set to 5 dogecoins, that means that each player has to pay 5 dogecoins to join. Total boss prize equals to the amount of fees collected from joining players minus 5% Website fee.

Boss reward

The reward collected after a boss figth is different for each player because it depends on how much damage they did.

If someone's doge dealt 60% of the total damage taken by boss, the player recieves 60% of the total boss prize.

Example: 5 players join a boss fight with 5 doge for entry. Total prize in that case is 25 dogecoins minus 5% Website fee, wich gives 23.75 dogecoins. Now let's assume that each player that joined the fight has different DPS, for example:

Player1 - 50 DPS
Player2 - 75 DPS
Player3 - 20 DPS
Player4 - 95 DPS
Player5 - 60 DPS
Boss HP - 1000000

In such case if none of the players run out of energy during the fight then Player1 deals 16.66% of the total damage, Player2 deals 25% of the total damage, Player3 deals 6.66% of the total damage, Player4 deals 31.66% of the total damages and Player5 deals 20% of the total damage.

Thats means: Player1 receives 16.66% from 23.75 dogecoins (boss total reward), which is 3.95675 dogecoins, Player2 receives 25%, which is 5.9375 dogecoins, Player3 recieves 6.66%, which is 1.58175 dogecoins, Player4 recieves 31.66%, which is 7.51924999 dogecoins and Player5 recieves 20%, which is 4.75 dogecoins.

Joining a fight

The time to join given fight is limited, but players always have at least 1 hour to join a fight before it starts.

Each available fight that players can join is visible on the main user page (it's the page player sees right after logging into his account). If there are available fights, there will be a countdown timers visible on the right side of the screen. It is recommended to check the website from time in order to see if there are any available fights.

Players can only join the fight before the countdown timer runs out. There is no possibility to join a fight that already started!

Sometimes there may be many boss fights available, but each player can join only one of them and cannot join any others before the fight he joined finishes.


Each doge has a limited energy. Maximum amount of energy is 300.

Energy can be renewed by clicking on "Boost" button under the energy bar during boss fight or on the left side of player's profile.

Player can boost energy 30 times per day and each "Boost" gives 30 energy points.

1 energy point = 1 minute of fight

If during a fight your doge will run out of energy, he will stop dealing damage to boss.

The "Boost" button redirects player to advertisements. After watching them he will be redirected back to the website with charged energy points.

Referral program

There is a referral system too. You get 5% of Your referrals' deposits, but in form of points (not dogecoins), which means You can convert your referral earnings to DPS, but you cannot withdraw them.

Additional informations

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