How to play?


To start earning dogecoins, each player has to deposit some dogecoins first.
After successfully depositing You can convert Your dogecoins to points in the "Funds" section in Your profile.
Then you can convert those points to either DPS (Damage Per Second) or HP (Health points).
You have to decide which stats (HP or DPS) you want to develop.

1 dogecoin = 1 point

1 point = 1 DPS or 10 HP

Each boss or player you'll fight against will have some HP.
If Your DPS is for example: 20, then You will deal 20 damage each second to the enemy.
In order to join some fight just look for the available boss fights or arena battles after You log in to Your account.

Players can also deal critical damage against bosses or other players.
Critical hits do twice as much damage as normal hits.
Your chance for critical hit depends on the quality of Your equipment.
You can't rise a chance for critical hit in exchange for dogecoins or points.


There are 8 classes of equipment:

  • Junk class
  • Low class
  • Common class
  • Medium class
  • High class
  • Ultra class
  • Legendary class
  • Ethernal class

Equipment parts can be found in chests. Chests can be earned after beating the world bosses.


There are 3 different kinds of chests:

  • Bronze chest (includes equipment from "Junk class" to "Common class")
  • Silver chest (includes equipment from "Medium class to "Ultra class")
  • Golden chest (includes equipment from "Legendary class" to "Ethernal class")

You can open a chest be clicking on it in Your account's "Items" section.

Boss fight types

The game offers two different boss fight types: Boss fight without fee and boss fight with fee.

Boss fight without fee (lower rewards)

Each player can join this fight for free.
Total prize depends on how much players join to fight.
By default it is 1 dogecoin per player but sometimes it can be more.
This type of fight will be available less often than boss fight with fee.
In boss fights without fee players can earn only bronze chests.

Boss fight with fee (bigger rewards)

In this type of fight each player has to pay entry fee to join.
Size of the entry fee will be adjusted by the administrator.

Example: Entry fee has been set to 5 dogecoins, that means that each player has to pay 5 dogecoins to join.
Total boss prize equals to the total amount of fees collected from the players that joined given fight, minus 5% Website fee.

In boss fights with fee players can earn all types of chests (bronze, silver, gold).

Boss reward

The reward collected after a boss figth is different for each player because it depends on how much damage they did.

If someone's doge dealt 60% of the total damage taken by boss, the player recieves 60% of the total boss prize.

All players have equal chances to get a chest after finished fight with world boss.

Joining a fight

The time to join given fight is limited, but players always have at least 1 hour to join a fight before it starts.

Each available fight that players can join is visible on the account's home page (it's the page player sees right after logging into his account).
If there are available fights, there will be a countdown timers visible on the right side of the screen.
It is recommended to check the website from time in order to see if there are any available fights.

Players can only join the fight before the countdown timer runs out.

Each player can participate in one world boss fight and one arena event at the same time.


Inside the arena there are classic PVP (Player Vs Player) fights.
Contdown visible in arena section shows how much time there is left before the event finishes.
If the countdown reaches zero then the arena event is finished, players will then get their prizes depending on their place in the arena event ranking.
To participate in the arena event each player has to pay an entry fee.
Entry fee is set by the administrator.
To see the prizes for each place, click on the "Show/Hide prizes" button under the arena event counter.

Auction House

In Auction House you can buy or sell items for dogecoins.
Every offer in the Auction House is an offer posted by one of the players.
You can post your own offers if you wish to sell some of your items for a choosen price.
In order to enter Auction House click on green button "Go to auction house" which is in your account's "Items" section (under the items themselves).
There is a 10%, taken by the Website, for each sold item.


Energy in Boss Fights

Each player has a limited energy.

Energy for world boss fights can be renewed by clicking on the Boost button under the energy bar during boss fight or on the left side of player's profile.
Each player can boost his "boss fight energy" 30 times per day and each boost gives 30 energy points.
The boosting button redirects player to advertisements. After watching them he is redirected back to the game and his energy is increased.

1 energy point = 1 minute of fight

If during a boss fight you run out of energy, you will stop dealing damage.

Energy in Arena Fights

Arenas have independent energy system from the world boss fights.
One point of "arena energy" allows attacking one player in the arena.
Every 10 minutes each player in the arena gets 1 point of arena energy.

Referral program

There is also a referral system. You get 5% of Your referrals' deposits, but in form of points (not dogecoins).
That means You can convert your referral earnings to DPS or HP, but you cannot withdraw them.

Additional informations

If You have any questions visit our thread on bitcointalk:

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